Manfred Mudelsee
Climate Risk Analysis
Kreuzstraße 27

37581 Bad Gandersheim
 Climate Data Analysis:

 Time Series and Extremes

Specifically, I study how climate changes are related to changes in extreme climate/weather. For that purpose, I advance bootstrap and other mathematical-statistical simulation methods to quantify more accurately climate parameters and to test harder hypotheses.

Short CV: diploma physics, PhD geology, postdoc statistics; since then positions in Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. Research experience since 1989. Published about 80 papers and a few books.

I founded my research company Climate Risk Analysis in 2005. I am visiting scientist at the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in Germany since 2007.

I teach methods of climate data analysis in commercial courses. My company collaborates with research institutions worldwide. I advice decision makers on climate risks. Since recently, I advice also on financial risks.

Have a look around here and also at Climate Risk Analysis, which works on analysing the risk of extreme climate or weather events.





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Manfred Mudelsee

15 September 2019

Climate Risk Analysis